How to Create Image Placeholders in Your Manuscript

This article will guide you on how to create the image placeholders or markers in your manuscript.

If you are planning to submit images or illustrations for your book, please create the necessary image placeholders or markers in your manuscript and submit the images or illustrations separately. This is to ensure that you are submitting the high resolution copies of the images or illustrations.

In your manuscript, include image insertion markers, or placeholders, to indicate exactly where your images should appear. The book designer will then place the separately submitted images or illustrations in those placeholders. 

Number your image files in chronological order. For example, the first image to appear in your book should be named “01 image”. This is to ensure that your book designer will know the exact placement and order of your images or illustrations. This will also easily help you easily identify the images by their assigned number or letter, rather than using lengthy file names.

If you would like to add captions for each image or illustration, make sure to write the caption right  below each image insertion marker or placeholder.

Here’s an example: