How to Create Tables in Word

This article will show you how to create a table in a Word document.

Tables should be formatted using the table creation feature in Microsoft Word and not using the ‘tab’ or ‘space’ key. This will allow your designer or formatter to make all the necessary adjustments to the tables during the design process.

When designing your table, keep in mind the width of your final book. A wide table that fits in a 8.5x11 Microsoft Word document may have to be turned on its side to fit in a smaller trim size.

Here are the steps:

  • Click Insert > Table and move the cursor over the grid until you highlight the number of columns and rows you want.

  • For a larger table, or to customize a table, select Insert > Table > Insert Table.

  • You can remove the lines on your table or add shading by using the table tools while the table is selected.