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Group Coaching Calls take place every weekday for students in the Become a Bestseller, Sell More Books, Public Relations & Speaking, Fundamentals of Fiction, Children's Book Course, and more!


Who Gets Access to Group Coaching Calls?

selfpublishing.com students with a 1 year selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+ Free Trial, or who purchased a One Year selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+ Membership to the Mastermind Community, are automatically enrolled into the selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+ Group Coaching Calendar.

For more details on selfpublishing.com Mastermind Community+ please click here

You can also now add calls to your Google Calendar or iCal.

How to Join Group Coaching Calls

Click on the call you'd like to join, and you'll see the date and time of the call in your local time zone at the top of the new menu.
Read the description of who should join each call.
Underneath is a link that says "Click here to join". Click on this link at the Group Coaching Call start time and you'll join the call! See below for an example.
Ps. We recommend using Google Chrome to access the Group Coaching Calendar. Other web browsers like Safari, Firefox, or Internet Explorer may cause challenges when joining calls. 

Will these calls be recorded?

No, these calls are most useful live so you can ask your questions to fellow authors and our coaching staff. No worries if you miss one, jump on the next!

What if I can't make it to the call times?

Great news! We have calls that span 12 hours of the day and every weekday! Practically, that means from New Zealand to New York, there should be times that work for you.