Prepare Your Manuscript For Book Production

Following these guidelines will streamline the process and ensure your book gets published faster

Support on Formatting Revision Requests
At, we aim to provide clear instructions to assist authors in preparing their manuscripts for book production. Following these guidelines will streamline the process and ensure your book gets published faster. Below are the essential topics we'll cover:
1. How to Add Pictures: Once you have access to your author folder, upload your images/illustrations into the "Files from Author" folder. Title each image for easy reference inside your manuscript. In your manuscript, type the name of the file you'd like included and highlight the text yellow for visibility.
2. Identifying the Round of Revisions: At the bottom of the Revision Request Sheet, you'll find tabs numbered Revision 1, Revision 2, and Revision 3. This indicates the round of revisions you're currently on.
3. Providing Specific Feedback: Broad feedback won't be implemented effectively. Be very specific with your feedback so we can take actionable steps. Remember, we rely on your expertise in your topic, so provide detailed instructions. Don't assume we know what to write.
4. Limit of Three Rounds of Revisions: Include all your feedback in each revision round. After three revision rounds, additional revisions will incur extra charges.
5. Notifying Us of Unimplemented Feedback: If we haven't implemented your feedback, indicate it in the "Publisher Mistake" column by typing "yes" so we can rectify it promptly.
6. Saving Your Requests: Once you're done with your revision requests for a particular round (1, 2, or 3), email your book production representative to inform them of your completion.
7. Document Downloading Policy: Avoid making copies of the document. Simply type your answers directly into the file to prevent versioning issues and ensure seamless communication.
8. Global Changes in Feedback: For feedback applicable to the entire manuscript (global changes), indicate in the "Notes" column where the feedback needs to be applied. If it pertains to every chapter, specify "apply to every chapter."
By adhering to these instructions, you'll contribute to a smoother revision process, ultimately expediting the publication of your book. If you have any further queries or encounter difficulties, don't hesitate to reach out to your designated book production representative for assistance. We're here to help you every step of the way!