What is Draft2Digital?

Draft2Digital is a self-publishing service that allows authors to publish and distribute their ebooks and print books to a wide range of online retailers and libraries.

Unlike exclusive platforms like Amazon's KDP Select, Draft2Digital offers a non-exclusive service, meaning authors can distribute their books through Draft2Digital while also using other publishing platforms.

Here's a breakdown of what Draft2Digital offers:

  1. Wide Distribution: Draft2Digital distributes ebooks to major online retailers such as Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and several others, including library distributors like OverDrive and Bibliotheca. This allows authors to reach a broader audience across multiple platforms.

  2. User-Friendly Interface: The platform is known for its ease of use, enabling authors to upload their manuscript, convert it into various ebook formats, and distribute it to multiple stores without needing advanced technical knowledge.

  3. Print on Demand: In addition to ebook distribution, Draft2Digital has introduced a print-on-demand service, allowing authors to create and distribute print versions of their books.

  4. Automated Layout and Formatting: The service offers automated tools to convert manuscripts into professionally formatted ebooks and print books, including customizable layout options.

  5. Pricing and Royalties: Authors have control over their book's pricing and receive a significant portion of the sales as royalties. Draft2Digital takes a small percentage of net royalties as their fee for the services provided.

  6. Marketing and Promotional Tools: Draft2Digital provides various marketing tools, including Universal Book Links (UBLs), which give readers a single link to find an author's book across multiple retailers.

  7. Author Pages and Books2Read: Authors can create an author page and customize their Books2Read page, which helps readers find all of an author's works in one place.

  8. No Exclusivity or Upfront Fees: Draft2Digital operates on a non-exclusive basis, allowing authors to publish elsewhere simultaneously. There are no upfront fees for using their service; they only make money when the author makes sales.

Draft2Digital is a valuable option for authors seeking broad distribution for their ebooks and print books without committing to an exclusive platform, providing various tools and services to help authors reach a wider audience and manage their publishing efforts.