Your Book Is In Pre Order. Now What?

Here are some important "Do's" and "Don'ts" when it comes to your book being on pre order


  • Celebrate! You've achieved a significant milestone in your publishing journey!
  • Build your launch team. Now that your book is on pre-order, its more important than ever to build up your launch team.
  • Share your pre-order link. If anyone asks you how they can support your launch, give them your pre-order link.. immediately!
  • Build up reviews. This is the time to focus on building up your reviews. If you're using the 6-week launch strategy recommended at, your readers can buy your paperback so the reviews will be from "verified' purchases. 

Do Not:

  • Cancel your pre-order. You will be banned from setting up any other pre-orders for one year.  Note that you can make adjustments to your cover and interior files until a few days before your book officially goes live. But whatever you do, do not cancel the pre-order. 
  • Submit your pre-order prior to having your final files ready. Your final manuscript can be uploaded three days before the ebook goes live. You will be locked out for those three days before the launch so no changes can be made until after it is live. It's best your files are finalized before submitting your book for pre-order. 

Click here for more information on submitting your book for pre-order with Kindle Direct Publishing